Adventures in Zoa

Season 1 – Episode 1 – New Adventures in Zoa

From the Beginning...

The story begins….


The cast:

Amalis – Elven Male Druid, gold-skinned elf of prophecy

Mordraine – Human Male Warlock

Fakima – Half-Elf Female Ranger

Delfrin Rondstern – Human Male Paladin of the True 

Zandak Urthadar- Human Male Rogue


Amalis arrived in Zoa, on a search for the wizard, Veoden. He shared the boat trip with Mordraine, a warlock, who had arguments with the captain over the trip.  Once they take leave of the ship, Amalis notices that mean looking muscle are following Mordraine and feels compelled to lend a hand to the newcomer.


Meanwhile, Delfrin, muted Paladin of the True and his hired woods guide, Fakima, a redheaded half-elf, are sent on a scouting mission in the northern woods of Reanarria.


Dak, a local man about town, sees this caravan of sneakiness and decides to follow along.  Mordraine catches wind of the train behind him and confronts the thugs. He takes a seat on some unsteady barrels and gives his position away. They hide, leaving Amalis visible and openly threatening with a crossbow.  The thugs barreled down the alley, plowing through Amalis and past Dak.


Before chase can be given, Mordraine bumped into Fakima and as they collected themselves, the city guard set upon them, claiming folks matching the descriptions of this group were seen robbing the milner's.  They were taken in and brought before Inspector Brubek, who attempted to interrogate the group and was a bumbling mess.


Talk of the group's activities broke down, leading Mordraine to shatter  Brubek's chair and Delfrin to lunge at Mordraine because he registers as Evil!  Dak picked up Delfrin and threw him into the oncoming guards, but was quickly stopped by other guards coming from another part of the building.


Brubek ordered the guards to put the group in a cell and take away their equipment.  Dak and Mordraine individually attempted to get the lock open, but the magic mouth spell on the gate alerted the guards repeatedly.


After night fell and the group began to settle in for rough sleep, they were awakened to Brubek and another man entering the cell.  They were all hit with spells that paralyzed them briefly.  They all watched as they were shackled and  loaded into a cart, then taken onto a work gang, forced to dig in a strip mine.


Mordraine refused and the group waited for a chance then broke free of their chains.  Dak started antagonizing the other teams to try and lure the guards away, but suddenly, the guards were grabbed by icky undead hands, as ghouls leaped out and attacked anyone they could get near enough to.

The group fended them off with shovels until Fakima noticed that the wagon that transported them was still there, along with their weapons!  She made her way over and retrieved the group's gear, while ghouls advanced on the group and the guards.  Once the group got a better handle on the ghouls, momentarily, Dak noticed a tunnel at the end of the path they were fighting on, as well as the mass of ghouls heading their way.


The group quickly used the tunnel to escape and ended up near the major fountain at the Circle of the Gods in Zoa.  Dak peeked out to make sure nobody was coming, but witnessed an exchange between a priest of the Church of Life and a well-dressed man and his two burly bodyguards.  The well-dressed man nodded to the two guards and they set upon the priest, killing him quickly.


The group made their way out of the tunnel, as Dak watched for any other people.  At once, more city guards set upon the group, catching them with the dead body and accusing them of the murder. 


As Dak scouted for more watchful eyes, the group exited their escape tunnel and more city guards bore down on the group, catching them with the dead body.


End of Session 1



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