Adventures in Zoa

Season 1 - Episode 2 - New Adventures in Zoa

Something's Cooking

The group is brought before the council and Feyal speaks over everyone, showing his dominance of Zoa's highest seat of power.  Surprisingly, he clears the group of charges over the suspected robbery at the milner's and asks the group of what they saw at the Circle of the Gods when the priest was killed.


Feyal asks the group to perform a task to earn the council's good favor.  He wants them to travel north into the woods to find a famous baker, Gendrew, who once worked in Zoa, and ask him to cater a celebration soon to take place.  As Feyal last new, he'd taken residence with a wizardess named Andolyn.


The group agrees and travels to the suspected location of the baker's house.  Along the way, the group is set upon by bandits, who attempt to take the group down.  The group fights back and triumph over the ambush.


Once they reach the house, things are quiet.  Amalis and Dak refuse to enter, but Fakima, Mordraine and Delfrin did.  THe place seemed alright, until Mordraine picked up a book that didn't want to be picked up.  It fought back, snapping it's covers at whoever touched it!


The group saw that the kitchen was a bit messy.  They had a small encounter with a fire elemental who escaped the oven and was convinced to go back inside. Then they discovered there were tracks leading down to the basement, which was blocked closed by a chair propped against the door handle.  The group made their way downstairs to discover strange creature down there.  A rampaging Calzone Golem!  Made of tomato sauce, bread and cheese, the monster quickly attacked the group, causing more mess.  The group managed to defeat the creature, then once emerging from the basement, discovered an imp in the bedroom, tearing books apart while a man lay chained to the bed, badly bruised and beaten.


The group managed to fend off the imp, causing Dak and Amalis to enter the house and discover what was going on.  The man on the bed was freed, just as a woman appeared, confused as to why so many were in her house and why it was messed up.


Once the group explained what happened, she gathered that an old rival had set the imp on her house in hopes of causing her grief.  She warned the group of Feyal and his extensive influence.  Then she showed them some of the works she and Gendrew had created.  One particular concotion was healing beer, which could restore a person to full health from any damage.  She gave a skin to the group for their help and Gendrew agreed to come to Zoa and cater the event.  The group returned home and Dak led Amalis to the wizard, Geolain's tower, as Amalis is seeking another wizard named Veoden and Dak knew that Geolain had some contact with Veoden.


Once at the tower, Amalis presented himself to Geolain's page, but once Geolain answered the door, he slammed it quickly shut in panic.



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